From the recording THE MESS (single)

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Fifty percent (50%) of each sale of this track goes directly to fund prevention programs at the Canadian Mental Health Association Champlain East branch (Cornwall, ON), please give generously if you can.

Produced by Davy Gallant + Melanie Brulée
Melanie Brulée: Vox, percussion
Davy Gallant: Acoustic guitar, synth, bass, percussion, backing vox
Joel Schwartz: Electric guitar
Manuel Cappel: Profound rambling observations (sample audio)

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto ON) + Dogger Pond Studios (Drummondville QC)


You’re making them up
You’re on your own
It’s just a matter of luck now, honey
Plenty of cake for everyone you said
I tried to get out of bed
With lines on my face I’m such a disgrace

I tried to contain it
I didn’t mean to start a war
You can point your pistol at me
But I’m the quicker draw
Who’s gonna feed me now I’ve broken all the plates
Who’s gonna love me
Who’s gonna love me

I am all the mess I am all the mess I am all the mess I am

(But I think
Talking to
An artificial human face
Would be

Let it run out the door
Spray it on all of the walls
There’s no good goddamn reason to let her win anymore

I am all the mess I am all the mess I am all the mess I am

It’s a modern flood
With nowhere to run
Can anybody save us from ourselves?